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Membership section

This is the member plan section, when looking to become a memember please note that when your sign up you are required to put in the following information:


  1. 1. Your Name (First Mainly)

  2. 2. Email

  3. 3.Contact Number

If you don't do any of the following rules listed " YOU WILL NOT"  become a verified memeber of anything on my site. I will not allow any expection on this rule.

IF you are looking on how to update your contact information you must log-in at the top banner by my name and clicking ther Bell icon on the right handside

 Go to > Account and fill out the information needed. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Free Membership

    Free Access to booking for approved members only!
    Free Plan
    • Contact infordmation
    • Blog
    • 1 Video/ Chat sessions for free 3 minutes
  • Vip MAV Fans package

    Every month
    Get full access to everything on my webpage
    • Blog
    • Booking sessions
    • See My Merchandise
    • Photo's
    • Video's
    • BUY Video's/ Photo's
    • Book up to 100 sessions preadvance
    • Seeing my Schedule for the week
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