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Updating New Number
New number


RECENT " New Work Phone Number" CHANGE

This is currently my "New Work Phone Number"; (437) 313- 6016

Had, some techinal issues regarding my text not going out properly on previous last old number to new clients. What can I say technology!!!

PLease make sure to up date this new number in your contacts list, as to this number will only be running until FEBRUARY 22nd, 2024 after that this nmber (289) 335-6016 will no longer be in service and you ill not be able to contact me unless via by email or my website and lastly by all my social media.


If your where blocked in the past by me you will stay as that way! I will not talorate old clients who I have given a resason for why they are blocked, exp; no shows, swinddler, pimps or just plan being disrecpreful towards me and my home or for hygienic reasons.

Thank you, for understanding so to this mean a lot to me that all my most important client get this number change.

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