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Protocol's for booking with me

I have a very strict protocol whether or not we are talking on the phone, communicating by texting, via social media or emailing that I follow and you must obey by it. If you don't meet my requirements, it will end up with not us meeting or no answer to your text, phone calls, emails, or any social media messaging. This is to insure that all booking inquiries are real only and not any fake bookings, below is a list of my requirements to meet.

My prices are as they are with no arguments, period!!!! If you try to bargain, you will be either be blocked via all contact ways any banned from my website (I take this very seriously and will not expect or allow anyone to act in this matter towards me at all.)​

Below is a list of my requirements that must be met in order to meet with me:

Booking Notices:

  1. If booking in advance must you give me a week or to the very least two days notice. With e-transfor of ($50) to hold your spot for all pre-booking via website.

  2. For same day bookings, done by website or via inmedite contact please give me an advance notice of 2-3 hrs notice.

Booking Rules:

  1. Do not just ask for my location as first initial question. (Say hi I am very friendly!) 

  2. State the time,you would like to be booking for (right away.) 

  3. Stated the dated you would like to be booking in for.

  4. State the type of service you are booking for. I offer three different types of services, please MAKE SURE to look at (service information> in drop down bar) to see what services I offer.

  5. No, text apps will be answered.

  6. Be mindful with your amount of questions.

  7. Do not be rude in a text or email, you will not be answered.

  8. When I ask a question, please answer it. NOTE: if I ask you a question and you don't answer it i will repeat the same question again, EXAMPLE: I will not expect it when I am messaging with a new client, and I ask you what type of service category, you are looking for, and the client proccests with just wanting to receive my location. 

  9. Good hygiene is mandatory! YOU MUST SHOWER BEFORE HAND! If failed, you will be asked to leave! immediately!!!! Showers are allowed within the understanding that it's only for necessary after adult fun clean ups!

  10. PLease be understanding (If I don't answer right away. I may be busy), please have patience with me as I will get to you as soon as possible.

As a professional Independent Dominatrix's & Escort. I’m very adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to create an atmosphere which will entertain and engage with the structure services my client is looking for. I know what to expect when someone is really looking to booking an appointment with me. I answer my only phone. I will not answers the call if its blocked or a text app number. This is to insure it's a real call and no fake bookings.


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